Our Retail location currently boasts over 6500 square feet, with the showroom expansion in November of 2020, making room for all the latest products available for immediate purchase, making Aquatic Sealife the largest Aquatic Superstore in the entire state of Louisiana. We stock thousands of products, and be assured that you will get the best price around!  We have it all, and you can take it home with you; no more waiting for the mail carrier to deliver your product.

Our best Products

Neptune Systems

is also all in stock and ready for immediate purchase! Come on today, browse through all the gear, and take it home! Start protecting your investment with your new Apex system.

GHL Controllers

from Germany are also stocked for immediate purchase; protect that valuable livestock with one of these fantastic systems


Come and see for yourself what Aquatic Sealife is all about! We are by far the largest stocking store for saltwater or freshwater livestock; we carry not a few but literally thousands of fish and live corals! We purchase our livestock from the divers and not wholesale houses where shipments are mixed! We have established our chain of suppliers over the years, and they know what Aquatic Sealife expects in every shipment—sending us superior quality every week. Our store has a large selection of aquatic sealife goods organized into several categories to help you discover precisely what you're searching for. We provide everything you need for your aquarium, whether freshwater or saltwater fish, aquarium plants, or aquarium accessories. With our extensive collection and well-organized layout, you'll be able to discover everything you need to create the ideal aquatic environment for your sealife pets in no time.

If you're weary of waiting days for an email response, leaving voicemails, or dealing with unresponsive order takers, come to Aquatic Sealife New Orleans, where we take pride in our work and constantly check our email and online chat! We understand how important it is for us to be accessible to our customers. Skilled and passionate aquarium lovers are available by phone, chat, or email to answer your questions and help you choose the right equipment the first time. We are glad to assist every caller. Our Website is open 24/7; we constantly monitor our emails; if you have a question about any product, please message us. Please get in touch with us.